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Dagenham BMX pool

This is the second cycling related post in as many weeks. Please don’t start to think, dear readers, that I only post about bikes;  I don’t, but they have always been a big part of my life and probably always will be. One was a really big part of my life, until it was half-inched from my back Garden. Now traditionally, as those of you who reside in London will know, whenever your bike is pinched, you hotfoot it down to Brick Lane Market as early as your hangover will allow on a Sunday to look for the toerag that stole it trying to peddle (!) your beloved Velo on to an unsuspecting trendy. So, bleary eyed and at a keen half seven in the morning, I rocked up to one of the only places in London where the archetypal London ‘Geezer’ and his arch rival, the lens-less glass toting hipster blend into a melting pot of madness and money spending.

But apparently this has all changed now, the bike thieving toerags of our fair city frequent a different hole: DAGENHAM. Oh, bloody marvellous thought I. Not wanting to spend my next Sunday in Dagenham, I started looking into other things I could do to make the trip worthwhile and it turns out, that there is infact something wonderful there; Dagenham BMX pool.

It’s a project somewhat similar to the Tunnel Jam that some friends of mine built last year, and put on, again, by Nike 6.0, but this time it’s not in a tunnel, it’s in a disused swimming pool. I’m not a BMX’er myself, but know lots of people that are, and know that the quality and style of the build that they’ve put on here will please them greatly. And best of all? It’s free until June 12th. So, not only do Dagenham residents get to see world class BMX’ers risk life and limb, they get to have a go on world class ramps in a building that was otherwise going to be demolished. And there’s a bloody BRILLIANT video to promote it too:



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