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Custom Bang Guns & The forgotten joys of childhood

It’s a bit like when you find your old pop-gun or cap gun at home, and really want to keep it but fear your better half will think you’re a proper tool for having it around. Well, now you’ve got an excuse, because it could have your name on it (as long as your name isn’t longer than five letters) or you could buy one for your significant other as a right romantic gift like. Either way, you should probably get one, they rock. By the ever awesome Strawberry Militia.

Whilst on the subject of things that rock and secretly wishing you could be a kid again, if you haven’t already, you should 100% check out the absolute wonderland of dreams that is R.S.Currie, in Notting Hill. It’s run by two of the coolest kids around and has a full on house built in the back. Totally radical.



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