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Film of the year so far…

Hands down, this is the coolest video i’ve seen all year. I’ve posted lots about people from across the pond making incredible films (california is a place et al) but this is homegrown, and does absolute wonders for the British Surfing Community. I’m afraid I can’t take credit for rooting this little beauty out, it was my bro who stumbled upon it. Oh, and it was IdeasTap that inspired me to write it, after a very complimentary tweet about my very out of date blog. Hope you like it!


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Fresh off the big winged bird…

And coming atcha with his Antwerpian ways, check out Joris Casaer, or as we know him, j-bONE. I’ve fought monkeys with this guy, he’s pretty good at that, but he’s a better photogrpaher I’d say. Welcome to London J-Bizzler man. Hope it gets hot for you…

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