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The Generation Gap Project – phase 2, rebrand and other bits

Well, first of all, from now on, this project is going to be called ‘Bridge the Gap’. It’s just a better name all round and having just had our first ‘tweeting and blogging lesson’ I think it needs to be known just how much of a gap there is to bridge. So far, progress has been somewhat hampered by the snow and, believe it or not, the planning department of Trafford County Council. The former made the shop’s temperature arctic, and with the shop being older than most of the antiques it sells, relying on electric heaters just didn’t cut it. The latter, seemed to want a written planning application in order for us to hang our beautiful, hand painted, sign (courtesy of Strawberry Miltia) so that’s had to be rethought too. ANYWAY  Instead of doing nothing and moaning about it, I thought we’d do something fun in the meantime. So when my nephew, Charlie, had finished school, I picked him, and five of his very hyper friends up and a megaphone… See, my mum (Charlie’s Granny) hasn’t been very well of late, and couldn’t attend his final carol service, much to her dismay. So, we took it to her. Here is the unedited, raw version of the results. It’s a bit grainy and the light aint too good, but you get the idea….

So, weather permitting, tomorrow the fun really begins. We’ll be properly tackling the interior of the shop, and making it look beautiful. The temporary window display that we put together late last week seems to have done the trick so far, as lots of people have been coming in and plenty of things have sold. After Elton John proclaiming his love for Napkin Rings when he guest edited the Indy – we stocked the window full full of them and magically, they’ve all sold!


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