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Dagenham BMX pool

This is the second cycling related post in as many weeks. Please don’t start to think, dear readers, that I only post about bikes;  I don’t, but they have always been a big part of my life and probably always will be. One was a really big part of my life, until it was half-inched from my back Garden. Now traditionally, as those of you who reside in London will know, whenever your bike is pinched, you hotfoot it down to Brick Lane Market as early as your hangover will allow on a Sunday to look for the toerag that stole it trying to peddle (!) your beloved Velo on to an unsuspecting trendy. So, bleary eyed and at a keen half seven in the morning, I rocked up to one of the only places in London where the archetypal London ‘Geezer’ and his arch rival, the lens-less glass toting hipster blend into a melting pot of madness and money spending.

But apparently this has all changed now, the bike thieving toerags of our fair city frequent a different hole: DAGENHAM. Oh, bloody marvellous thought I. Not wanting to spend my next Sunday in Dagenham, I started looking into other things I could do to make the trip worthwhile and it turns out, that there is infact something wonderful there; Dagenham BMX pool.

It’s a project somewhat similar to the Tunnel Jam that some friends of mine built last year, and put on, again, by Nike 6.0, but this time it’s not in a tunnel, it’s in a disused swimming pool. I’m not a BMX’er myself, but know lots of people that are, and know that the quality and style of the build that they’ve put on here will please them greatly. And best of all? It’s free until June 12th. So, not only do Dagenham residents get to see world class BMX’ers risk life and limb, they get to have a go on world class ramps in a building that was otherwise going to be demolished. And there’s a bloody BRILLIANT video to promote it too:



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Give or Take – a film about blood donation by Danny Morgan

This posting twice in one week lark is a little alien to me, so forgive the brevity of it, but this just came to my attention and it’s well worth writing about. It’s a film about blood donation, a subject that until about five minutes ago was up there with sperm donation in my mind. Sounds crass, I know, and I apoligise, but it’s just something I never really consider. But now I do, thanks to Danny and his brilliant film ‘Give or Take’. Watch it, it’s beautifully shot and well worth five minutes of your time.

If that’s not enough, I’m lucky enough to know Danny and he’s an inspirational young chap, he’s had a tough year or two, so to come out of the other side with such a beautifully shot piece is an achievement and a bloody half.

Go give blood too, you might need it one day!

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Union Cycle Works, Deptford

Considering how many times i’ve been to this place, and how long i’ve known about it, I feel a little ashamed to be only just posting about it, but then again, I am looking into rebranding atomicpinball to something like ‘’ as it seems to be the case with most introductions to most posts. ANYWAY, point is, there’s a bunch of guys, on my doorstep, doing something genuinely brilliant and  innovative and I want to shout about it, from the top of a mountain. Except there aren’t any mountains nearby. There’s Telegraph Hill, which is more of a hill, but that just won’t do. So I guess i’ll have to stick with the internet, so imagine this as my soapbox, perched precariously on top of Telegraph Hill. Fitting, as it was also the site of one of the first Semaphore Telegraph Stations in London, and the internet enables one to shout about whatever we damn well please, to millions of people the world over (so it’s a good soapbox in case you missed the reference)

Anyway. Since hearing of the honeybee network out in India, my younger brothers fascination with the internet of things and the way that consumerism is changing at such a rapid rate; I’ve been unable to avoid being interested in the socially aware businesses that are popping up almost as quickly as the traditional marketplace is falling down. It’s time for change, and these guys have captured the zeitgeist; nail. on. head.

Not only is their business’ product bikes, an inherently green and sustainable mode of transport, they also recycle said bikes, and restore them to their former glory. ‘Loads of people do that!’ I hear you say, and yes, you are right, I am indeed one of them! But loads of people don’t take the time out of their lives to teach disadvantaged people how to do this, so that those disadvantaged people can go on to build better lives for themselves, as well better bikes for other people. But these guys do. And they work in Deptford, which is near my house. So ha.

The project is circular in it’s brilliance, it contributes to solving about a billion (well not quite that many) issues in one fell swoop. They take old, broken bikes, that would otherwise need to be recycled, and breath new life into them, collaborating with disadvantaged people whilst doing so (so that disadvantaged people learn the skills required to do this for themselves) Therefore eradicating the need for a shopper to go into a shop, buy a bike and increase his/her carbon footprint with one that’s been made in China, shipped over here and then bought from a great big warehouse that is killing five polar bears an hour. These bikes are sold through a process of consultation, and personal interaction, something we screenagers are increasingly bereft of. In doing so, they increase social interaction, which subsequently has twofold benefits; the disadvantaged person gets social interaction in a professional context, and the consumer gets some social interaction as well as a pleasant shopping experience, something that he/ she is probabaly lacking in (on the assumption that he/she is a London-based commuter) And as if that wasn’t enough, for the price of an ‘off the peg’ cycle, you get a lovingly restored one, which teaches the customer the value of beautiful, quality products with a story.

At this point I wish I was a graphic designer, so I could make a circular diagram to show you this, but you’re a creative enough bunch, i’m sure you can figure it out. Anyway, enough eulogising; you should go there, and buy a bike there, and help make the world a better place whilst doing it.

Union Cycle Works , Deptford Project, 121-123 Deptford High Street, SE8 4NS,

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Rapha Cycle Club by the Wilson Brothers

This was sent to me over a week ago, by benjamella, who interned at Wilson brothers studio last summer. Sorry it’s taken me so long to put up, hopefully you bleeding edge cool kids don’t think it’s too last year.

Basically, it’s a mobile cafe, for cyclists, that stops in European cities and give cyclists the opportunity to meet, share experience and enjoy a coffee. Something that is becoming increasingly popular with the advent of  ‘Look Mum No Hands’ and the like. Not only does it absolutely capture the zeitgeist for cycling (and coffee) it does so in a way that doesn’t ram Rapha down yer throat, which is always nice in the context of a brand funded project. It also looks absolutely fucking awesome, which helps.

More info on the project here

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March 26th Protests – The Morris Liberation Front

The hype and debate surrounding the misinterpreted March 26th Protests seems to have died down somewhat now, but this video, fresh outta the Henry Flitton stable is absolutely awesome. There’s been plenty of other people who’ve posted their own filming of it on youtube etc, but this is, if you like, the ‘official’ edit. Sporting handmade kits, and a week’s worth of Morris Dancing practice, they gave it their all to some awesome tunes provided by the Ukelele Society.

I especially love the part where they’re told they need a license to dance on Trafalgar Sqaure…




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Really?! Android app for animal translating…

Google have apparently announced an Animal Atranslation app for the android. Now I get to speak Goat.

click on the image to go straight there and finally find out what your dog’s saying when he’s humping your leg…

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Custom Bang Guns & The forgotten joys of childhood

It’s a bit like when you find your old pop-gun or cap gun at home, and really want to keep it but fear your better half will think you’re a proper tool for having it around. Well, now you’ve got an excuse, because it could have your name on it (as long as your name isn’t longer than five letters) or you could buy one for your significant other as a right romantic gift like. Either way, you should probably get one, they rock. By the ever awesome Strawberry Militia.

Whilst on the subject of things that rock and secretly wishing you could be a kid again, if you haven’t already, you should 100% check out the absolute wonderland of dreams that is R.S.Currie, in Notting Hill. It’s run by two of the coolest kids around and has a full on house built in the back. Totally radical.


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